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Attracting foreign labor to non-quota (quota-free) positions has stalled 26.04.2022

Dear colleagues,
Recently, employers planning to recruit foreign citizens with visas for non-quota (quota-free) positions have encountered difficulties in posting information about the need for foreign labor in the Employment Center (hereinafter - EPC).
This situation arose due to the fact that on March 29, 2022, the Order of the Ministry of Labor dated February 14, 2022 No. 58n “On approval ....” came into force, which introduced fundamental changes to the list of professions (specialties) that are not subject to quotas for issuing work permits.
Now this list is based on the Qualification Directory for the Positions of Managers, Specialists and Other Employees (KSDRSiDS), approved by the Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia of August 21, 1998 N 37. More details in our news.
However, in the digital systems of the EPC, the above list has not been updated, and the list of positions from the All-Russian Classifier of Occupations of Workers, Positions of Employees and Wage Categories OK 016-94, which was approved in the previous Order, is still used.
As a result of this discrepancy, employers actually have no opportunity to post information on the need for foreign labor in the EPC and subsequently apply for work permits.
We sent a request to the Ministry of Labor of Russia with a request to coordinate the elimination of the described inconsistency, which paralyzes the work of the entire system of attracting visa foreign citizens to work for non-quota (quota-free) positions. Upon receipt of a response, we will notify you of its content immediately.
For more information, please contact the consultants of the company Confidence Group.
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