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On April 27, 2022, a Confidence Group webinar was held on the topic: "Attracting HQS in the conditions of sanctions" 05.05.2022

On April 27, 2022, Confidence Group held a webinar on the topic "Attracting highly qualified specialists in the conditions of sanctions." The event was of great interest to our partners and clients. More than 65 specialists from Russian and foreign companies took part in it.
The speaker of the webinar was Sofia Batura, a lawyer, an expert in the field of migration and labor legislation. Sofia covered in detail the changes made and possible in the migration legislation in connection with the sanctions and the response to the unfriendly actions of other countries. She spoke about the simplified entry procedure for citizens of the LDPR and Ukraine, the possibility of transferring employees to remote work, and the restrictions still associated with the coronavirus pandemic.
We covered various topics such as:
  • Temporary suspension of work (downtime) during sanctions and pandemic.
  • Restrictions on entry into Russia.
  • Registration of documents for foreign citizens who are outside Russia.
  • Non-payment of wages, risks and consequences.
  • Dismissal of a foreign citizen who is outside Russia, if he cannot return to Russia?
After the main part, Sofia answered questions from the audience.
After the end of the webinar, the participants were sent handouts and a questionnaire to assess the quality of the event.
We are grateful to all participants for the feedback and kind words and would like to publish a review of the migration lawyer Filippova Elena Viktorovna (from whom we received the appropriate permission):
“Many thanks to Sofia and the Confidence Group team for a great webinar! Very informative and up to date. I love it when issues of not only theory, but also practice are covered, as well as a comprehensive approach - I often come across situations where the lecturer considers problems either from the point of view of the employer or from the point of view of a foreign citizen, without calculating the consequences in the complex. Or considers issues of migration legislation, without paying special attention to labor, corporate and other related areas of law. It would be very interesting to take part in the webinar, which discusses the judicial practice of migration and labor legislation for the period from 2019 to the present.”
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