World of Confidence




Dear friends!

For correct work of the internet application World of Confidence, please adjust your internet browsers within the following settings.

Such browsers as Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher, and Opera 9.0 or higher can be used as Client’s application.

For Internet Explorer browser:

  • сhoose "Tools" / "Internet Options";
  • move to "Security" tab;
  • сhoose "Local intranet" icon and click on "Sites…" button;
  • in the opened window click on "Advanced" button;
  • in the opened window put website address, deselect "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" checkbox and press "Add" button;
  • close the window by "Close";
  • close other windows by "Ok".

For Google Chrome browser:

  • move to "Customize and control Google Chrome";
  • choose "Options";
  • in the left menu choose "Under the Hood";
  • in the "Privacy" section click on "Content settings..." button;
  • in the opened window choose "Pop-ups" section and click on "Manage exceptions" button;
  • in the opened window put website address and choose "Allow" from a dropdown menu, then click "Enter".

For Mozilla Firefox browser:

  • сhoose "Tools" / "Options";
  • move to "Content" tab;
  • select "Enable JavaScript" checkbox;
  • press "Exceptions" button opposite the "Block pop-up windows" checkbox;
  • put website address and press "Allow" button;
  • close the window by "Close".

For Opera browser:

  • with the right mouse button click on any empty place on the page of Choose "Edit site preferences..." in a dropdown menu;
  • in the opened dialog choose "popup" – "Open all popups" mode in "General" tab ;
  • in the "Scripting" tab select "Enable JavaScript" checkbox.