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New Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on travel abroad bans for under-aged came in force on October 17, 2021 20.10.2021

New Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia dated August 31, 2021 No. 651 "On approval of the procedure for filing, withdrawing, accepting and recording applications for travel abroad ban for under-aged citizens of the Russia" came in force from October 17, 2021. 

The new order has been developed as a  part of implementations of the provisions of Federal Law No. 268-FZ dated July 1, 2021 "On Amendments to the Federal Law" On the Procedure for Leaving and Entering the Russian Federation" (we wrote more about this here.

The new order provides the following new provisions:

   • both legal representatives of under-ages (regardless of citizenship) will be able to declare their disagreement with the child's departure from the Russia;

   •  the applicant will be able to establish both a general travel abroad ban on the departure of under-aged from the Russia, and travel abroad ban for specific countries or several countries for certain period;

   •  if the legal representative who applied for travel abroad ban of the under-aged is a citizen of Russia, then such representative will be able to take the under-aged abroad himself. If the applicant is a foreign citizen, then the under-aged will not be able to travel either with him or with the other parent;

   • an applicant who has submitted an application for travel abroad ban, will be able to withdraw his application by contacting any department on migration issues / diplomatic mission;

   • you can submit / revoke an application for travel abroad ban at any department on migration issues of the territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the territory of the Russia;

   • the period for processing applications has been reduced to 2 working days.

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