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Citizens of Uzbekistan will be allowed not to register for migration within 15 days after entering Russia 28.04.2022

This agreement was signed in Moscow on May 21, 2021 and in Tashkent on June 17, 2021. It is aimed at "creating favorable conditions for the stay of citizens of one state in the territory of another state."
In accordance with the provisions of this document, citizens of Russia and Uzbekistan will need to register at the place of stay in accordance with the legislation of the host country, but now the period for this has been extended and is 15 calendar days from the date of entry. When staying in the host country for less than 15 days, it will be possible not to register at all for migration.
Please note that the period of temporary stay is calculated from the date of entry of a citizen, confirmed by a migration card stamped by border control authorities or a stamp in the passport.
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